I’m quite a fan of Starbucks but today’s experience was saddening.

Did a takeway breakfast. Ordered a Star Club Sandwich and a Mediterranean Cheese Roulade. On opening the parcel, the sandwich had slid open a bit as they had put the sandwich vertically instead of horizontally in the carry-bag! Basic mistake.

Star Club Sandwich

Star Club Sandwich

The Mediterranean Cheese Roulade looked tempting.

Mediterranean Cheese Roulade

Mediterranean Cheese Roulade

The first bite into the about 6″ roulade was nice – soft with a smooth cheesy layer and pepper bits. Bite 2 – only bread! What happened to the filling? sectioned the bread open. OMG! only one side had the filling, the other side was totally bland – only plain bread. I felt totally cheated, especially because I didn’t expect this from STARBUCKS and also then the price I’m paying for it being a STARBUCKS product. SEE SEE.

Mediterranean cheese roulade - cross section

Mediterranean cheese roulade – cross section

The good about this roulade – flavour is good and it is a satisfying breakfast/anytime meal. Bad about it is that the filling is lop-sided and lesser.

A plus point to Starbucks is that they gave mustard sauce sachets, whereas most eateries / restaurants don’t.

Star Club Sandwich – Rs. 170 + taxes

Mediterranean Cheese Roulade – Rs. 150 + taxes