Sufra – a big disapointment

I picked up the Spinach Pide last night for my dinner. Great anticipation to enjoy the meal.

Oh! What a let down. It was not good at all. No comparison to what I had eaten the first time. How could they go so wrong? The pide comes parceled in a box that says that no two pides are the same but one would savour them nonetheless – I differ – and I differ big time. I am definitely not going to order the pide again.


Sufra – Spinach Pide finally!


Check it out

Spinach Pide

Spinach Pide

I loved it…..but my hubby didn’t.  : (

So I guess, this is one of those dishes that you either really like or don’t – there is no ‘okay’ about it. This is made on a bread base which is over 10″ long. I can’t really say what the spread is made of as the taste is not very spinach-y but has a lovely texture and taste. Sprinkled over on top is what I think are flavoured cashews or nuts.

I absolutely loved this dish and want to go back for it again. At Rs. 175 its more that a tummy-full.