Aloo Paneer Rolls

This is the second time I’ve made these at home. The first time was almost 2 years ago. I’d totally forgotten about this recipe, till I found myself wanting to eat tikkis, wherein the potatoes were no longer the main ingredient.

Aloo paneer rolls

Aloo paneer rolls

I got this recipe from a tabloid years ago. I had it filed and kept away. Big Mistake, ‘cuz they are yummy… Serve with green chutney and enjoy. My family really relished these.



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Tarla Dalal – R.I.P

Tarla Dalal

Everyone or anyone who knows to cook, knows her. Through her recipe books, all cooks I know have at some point in their life, perused her recipes. For many, like me, I started to enjoy cooking because of her recipes – they were simple to make and turned out delicious.

Tarla Dalal was the foundation to my journey into delights of cooking. I’ve now been a fervent cook for many many years, but every now and again I need to make a Tarla Dalal recipe. Be it a dessert, a stuffed paratha or the humble Khaman Dhokla. Her recipes are like a comfort meal for me, as I know the end result of the cooking will be delectable.

I love you Tarla Dalal. And THANK YOU.