Tadka Dal

Like I said in my previous blog, I have become a huge enthusiast of Tadka Dal. While at Aurangabad, whether at the hotel or restaurants visited or dhabbas ate at, I always ordered  Tadka Dal and it never let me down in taste. Each diner had its own distinct flavour and each taste was excellent. Maharashtrians make Tadka dal from Toor / Arhaar dal. Some also add Masoor dal. Having recently eaten so much Maharashtrian food, I was still pining for more. I never thought I would like Maharashtrian food so much!

Well…. the very next day, having returned from Aurangabad, I surfed the net, downloaded a Tadka Dal recipe and made some for dinner. Made some minor changes to the recipe while cooking it.

tadka dal

tadka dal

Aha…it turned out good. Had this with jeera rice.

Request for recipe.

Recipe source: http://www.vegrecipesofindia.com.