Reliance Masti Oye – Saucy Tomato Potato Chips

Reliance Potato chips - Saucy tomato

Reliance Potato chips – Saucy tomato

Reliance is into potato chips!

Reliance – irrespective of whether it is Reliance of Anil Ambani or Mukesh Ambani – but these guys are now everywhere.

Reliance as a brand name was initially into Petro-chemicals, Natural Resources, then into Telecom. A few years ago, they got into Hypermarkets and Supermarkets, selling garments, then fresh produce and now POTATO CHIPS!

Well not just chips it is – its Bhujia’s and other packaged savories and ATTA – yes ATTA, and they now also sell spices such as Red Chili powder and Turmeric powder. They are now everywhere in a grocery store. Their mantra is very simple – manufacture a product – brand it and market it at the lowest price. That’s the way they slowly, but steadily garner the market-shares. SIMPLE.

Well, the Saucy Tomato is excellent. Its over achieves on the flavour. Very well spiced.

The number one spot for potato chips is still Pringles. However, Lay’s – the all time 2nd, is being given a run by Reliance, Diamond (featured earlier in my blog) and others. In the tomato flavour, I will always now pick Reliance or Diamond.

Reliance chips - saucy tomato

Reliance chips – saucy tomato

Brand : Reliance Masti Oye – Saucy Tomato

New Wg: 59 g

Price: Rs. 20

Rating: 5 on 5