Shan – Chicken Tikka masala

Shan Chicken Tikka Masala

Shan Chicken Tikka Masala

I used this masala to make Chicken Tikka last week. It turned out really good. Its really easy and convenient to make.

Chicken tikka

Chicken tikka

Brand: Shan Chicken Tikka masala

Net wt: 50 gs

Price: Rs. 60

Validity: 3 yrs

Rating: 4 on 5


Sai Bhaji

Sai Bhaji is a Sindhi dish. It is made with dal, spinach and other vegetables cooked together. It’s had with yellow masala rice (rice made yellow by adding turmeric powder) or then with Bhugal rice (rice browned with onions and masala).

sai bhaji

sai bhaji

Its one of the dishes I like from the Sindhi cuisine and, my hubby loves it. He can eat it often (one of the few vegetarian dishes he adores). Add a spoonful of curd and enjoy.

sai bhaji with rice n curd

sai bhaji with rice n curd

Paneer Tikka Masala

My husband loves to cook and try new recipes, but mainly non-vegetarian. Recently, when he said he would try a new dish, I requested it to be vegetarian. He surfed the web, downloaded the recipe for Paneer Tikka Masala and we had that for lunch with phulkas. I loved the dish.

He mailed me the recipe and now I make it quite often. I made it yesterday for lunch. Its got a great taste and gives the essence of having a restaurant-styled meal at home. Have it with butter naan and you feel you are dining out at a good restaurant.

paneer tikka masala

paneer tikka masala

This recipe is from

Request for recipe and I shall upload it.

Tadka Dal

Like I said in my previous blog, I have become a huge enthusiast of Tadka Dal. While at Aurangabad, whether at the hotel or restaurants visited or dhabbas ate at, I always ordered  Tadka Dal and it never let me down in taste. Each diner had its own distinct flavour and each taste was excellent. Maharashtrians make Tadka dal from Toor / Arhaar dal. Some also add Masoor dal. Having recently eaten so much Maharashtrian food, I was still pining for more. I never thought I would like Maharashtrian food so much!

Well…. the very next day, having returned from Aurangabad, I surfed the net, downloaded a Tadka Dal recipe and made some for dinner. Made some minor changes to the recipe while cooking it.

tadka dal

tadka dal

Aha…it turned out good. Had this with jeera rice.

Request for recipe.

Recipe source:

Shan – Chicken Masala

Shan - Chicken Masala pack

Shan – Chicken Masala pack

I used this pack to make dinner for hubby last night. As usual, the taste was perfect.

Shan - Chicken Masala

Shan – Chicken Masala

I have used a few more products from Shan’s collection and they turn out faultless every time. Just follow the recipe mentioned on the pack behind and you can’t go wrong.

I recommend this brand of ready-to-cook masalas for all, especially those living alone or for those vegetarian persons who cook non-vegetarian dishes for their non-vegetarian partners / family members. Its hassle-free and easy to cook.

Brand: Shan – Chicken Masala

Net wt: 50 g

Price: Rs 60

Validity: 3 years

Rating: 5 on 5

Chicken Masala

I made this Chicken Masala dish for my hubby’s dinner last night . This is a thick onion gravy with chunks of chicken. Its a spicy masala and is ideally to be had with roti or naan but hubby prefers it with rice.

Chicken masala with rice

Chicken masala with rice

I used Chicken Masala from Shan range of ready-to-cook masalas. (for more info and pictures on the Shan masala I used, see following post). I must say – I am extremely happy with Shan products as they turn out perfect every time.