Tarla Dalal – R.I.P

Tarla Dalal

Everyone or anyone who knows to cook, knows her. Through her recipe books, all cooks I know have at some point in their life, perused her recipes. For many, like me, I started to enjoy cooking because of her recipes – they were simple to make and turned out delicious.

Tarla Dalal was the foundation to my journey into delights of cooking. I’ve now been a fervent cook for many many years, but every now and again I need to make a Tarla Dalal recipe. Be it a dessert, a stuffed paratha or the humble Khaman Dhokla. Her recipes are like a comfort meal for me, as I know the end result of the cooking will be delectable.

I love you Tarla Dalal. And THANK YOU.



Paneer in white gravy

I am quite a Tarla Dalal fan. I started cooking with trying out many of her recipes. Reason being that her books were vegetarian, easy recipes and best of all – ingredients were all at home! She used day-to-day ingredients. I’ve been making her Paneer in white gravy for years. However, I make this occasionally. Though the process is very easy, I pair this with her Mixed Vegetable Parathas and the parathas require some work. (see Mixed Vegetable Paratha post). After eating this combination, you can’t enjoy it any other way. I love making this as my hubby relishes it. He is a very happy man during the meal. The plate is licked clean : ) He is mainly a non-vegetarian and this meal is one of the few veg dishes he is very, very appreciative of.

Paneer in White Gravy

Paneer in White Gravy

Paneer with mixed veg paratha

Paneer with mixed veg paratha

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