Shan – Chicken Masala

Shan - Chicken Masala pack

Shan – Chicken Masala pack

I used this pack to make dinner for hubby last night. As usual, the taste was perfect.

Shan - Chicken Masala

Shan – Chicken Masala

I have used a few more products from Shan’s collection and they turn out faultless every time. Just follow the recipe mentioned on the pack behind and you can’t go wrong.

I recommend this brand of ready-to-cook masalas for all, especially those living alone or for those vegetarian persons who cook non-vegetarian dishes for their non-vegetarian partners / family members. Its hassle-free and easy to cook.

Brand: Shan – Chicken Masala

Net wt: 50 g

Price: Rs 60

Validity: 3 years

Rating: 5 on 5


Maggi pack

Maggi pack

Nestle’s Maggi has always been on the top of easy to make and love to eat foods for everyone. Many other brands have tried to replicate the taste and flavour but no one has come closer. Now, someone has – finally! Guess who?

Nestle’s Maggi – MAGICAL MASALA !!!

Yes, Nestle has outdone themselves. First I enjoyed eating Maggi’s Masala flavour, but now I only want Magical Masala. After sampling this, you won’t want to go back to the plain masala one – really. The Magical Masala packs a whole load of delicious punch. Add some finely chopped green chilies and enjoy the extra zing. Enjoyment at Rs. 15

Magical Masala

Magical Masala