Nestea – Lemon

Nestea Lemon

Nestea Lemon

Made this last evening. I was out of the house all day. Came home and wanted a cold drink. Instead of my usual Coke (I try to avoid as much as possible), I decided to try this pack I had recently bought.

Just add cold water and cold Iced Tea is ready to be sipped. Its quite decent. It is quite refreshing. For a quick fix solution to an immediate serving of Ice Tea, I recommend it. This pack makes about 5 glasses

Brand: Nestea – Lemon – Iced Tea premix

Net wt: 100 g

Price: Rs. 25

Rating: 4 on 5


Reliance Masti Oye – Saucy Tomato Potato Chips

Reliance Potato chips - Saucy tomato

Reliance Potato chips – Saucy tomato

Reliance is into potato chips!

Reliance – irrespective of whether it is Reliance of Anil Ambani or Mukesh Ambani – but these guys are now everywhere.

Reliance as a brand name was initially into Petro-chemicals, Natural Resources, then into Telecom. A few years ago, they got into Hypermarkets and Supermarkets, selling garments, then fresh produce and now POTATO CHIPS!

Well not just chips it is – its Bhujia’s and other packaged savories and ATTA – yes ATTA, and they now also sell spices such as Red Chili powder and Turmeric powder. They are now everywhere in a grocery store. Their mantra is very simple – manufacture a product – brand it and market it at the lowest price. That’s the way they slowly, but steadily garner the market-shares. SIMPLE.

Well, the Saucy Tomato is excellent. Its over achieves on the flavour. Very well spiced.

The number one spot for potato chips is still Pringles. However, Lay’s – the all time 2nd, is being given a run by Reliance, Diamond (featured earlier in my blog) and others. In the tomato flavour, I will always now pick Reliance or Diamond.

Reliance chips - saucy tomato

Reliance chips – saucy tomato

Brand : Reliance Masti Oye – Saucy Tomato

New Wg: 59 g

Price: Rs. 20

Rating: 5 on 5

Yellow Diamond Potato Chips – Tom-Chi

Yellow Diamond Potato chips - Tom Chi

Yellow Diamond Potato chips – Tom Chi


I bought this at Churchgate railway station. I did have a choice between this and Lay’s but as much as I enjoy Lay’s, thought I would try this brand.

Good choice.

It packs a whole load of zing and zest in every chip. You can’t have just one!

Where Lay’s gives you only 26g of net weight at Rs. 10, this gets you 40g at the same cost and tastes much more zing-ier than Lay’s Spanish Tomato flavoured chips.





Brand: Yellow Diamond Potato Chips – Tom-Chi

Net wt: 40g

MRP: Rs. 10

Rating: 5 on 5


Haldiram’s Salted Peanuts

Haldiram's Salted Peanuts

Haldiram’s Salted Peanuts



When I picked this packet, I was unsure as the peanuts on the wrapping looked so pale.

I was pleasantly surprised when I open the packet, they had a lovely light brown roasted colour (see pic) and were strongly salted.








Brand: Haldiram’s Salted Peanuts

Net wt: 50 g

MRP: Rs. 10

Rating: 5 on 5