Saboodana (Sago) Khichdi

saboodana khichdi

saboodana khichdi

I absolutely love Saboodana (sago) khichdi. Its almost soul food for me – almost. I try and restrict this dish to just twice a month.

What I love about this khichdi and even a poha is, that they taste divine and yet are so simple to make. Saboodana khichdi takes just under 10 minutes to prepare (saboodana has to be soaked 4 hrs prior to cooking) and tastes best eaten fresh and hot.


Orange Cheesecake

Orange cheesecake

Orange cheesecake

I made this at home on Saturday. 24 hours later – its all finished. 12 slices shared with 12 persons.

I tried this flavour on a whim. With no recipe to follow, not knowing the amount of orange to use or sugar to add, it was an absolute scary time for me. I had to constantly keep adding teaspoon after teaspoon of orange or sugar, almost alternately. There was a point of time, when I was about to dunk the whole mix into the bin!  I don’t know what kept me from chucking it and made me continue my tasting and add ingredients technique. Well – it finally came together and after refrigeration for 4 hours, above is the result you see.

It was sheer pleasure in seeing the cheesecake quartering easily. Phew!

Orange cheesecake - quartered

Orange cheesecake – quartered

The cheesecake tasted nice. Mission accomplished.

Only problem is that when I have to make it again, I will have to do the same taste-and-add ingredient technique as I was not counting the spoonfuls of orange or sugar I was adding at the time – EEE…..

Recipe – Vegetable Stroganoff

Veg stroganoff with herbed butter rice

Veg stroganoff with herbed butter rice


2 cups vegetable stock

Butter – lots of it 🙂

White pepper –  crushed

1 small onion – sliced

1/2 capsicum – chopped

few mushrooms – chopped

6-7 french beans – chopped

1 carrot – chopped

3-4 parboiled babycorns – chopped

5-6 tbsps maida

salt to taste

juice of 1 – 1 1/2 limes

4-5 tbsps ketchup



1. Individually saute onions, capsicum, mushrooms, carrots, french beans, babycorns in butter and crushed pepper – till cooked.

2. In a vessel, heat 3-4 tbsps of butter and add maida. stir for a few minutes till slight aroma is given out and then add the stock gently. Stir continuously till all the lumps have been dissolved. Add 3 cups of water. Give this a boil.

3. Lower the flame to medium and add all the vegetables. Add ketchup and lime juice. Add salt. Cook for another few minutes (approximately 10-15 minutes) till you get the right consistency of the stroganoff. Adjust seasoning as per taste. Serve with herb-ed butter rice.





Life is so much more fun with NACHOs.

Nachos - tortilla chips topped with beans and cheese

Nachos – tortilla chips topped with beans and cheese

Made this – plate full of nachos – topped with spoonfuls of refried beans and cheese smothered over. Relished that with chilled drinks – bliss….


Vegetable Stroganoff

Veg stroganoff with herbed butter rice

Veg stroganoff with herbed butter rice

I love this combo. I learnt how to make this a couple of months ago and have already made it thrice.

I first time, I learnt it the recipe.

I spiced up the combo by making the plain rice into a herb-ed butter rice. Turned out really great in taste with the stroganoff and I felt I was eating some real exotic meal at home!

Second time, I doubled the quantity.

The third time I tripled the quantity – OMG. And still there were no left-overs.
PS: In all fairness – the number of persons I shared the meal with, also increased.   : )