Bangalore Iyengar’s Bakery

shop front

shop front

This bakery opened up across Sassoon docks, Colaba yesterday. I think I was one of the first few people to buy. I’ve been really waiting to try their goodies as I heard they were a pure eggless – vegetarian bakery.

So, yesterday, I picked up their pineapple-jam swiss roll and a chocolate swiss roll. Each is for Rs.25. Five of us dug into these and the unanimous verdict was that the pineapple-jam was the topper.

pineapple-jam swiss roll

pineapple-jam swiss roll

chocolate swiss roll

chocolate swiss roll



Next I picked up biscuits – in 200gms I got 2 each of chocolate chip, chocolate paste, almond and cashew biscuits. All biscuits are priced at Rs. 400 a kg.

Loved the almond and cashew ones. Chocolate chips is as good as any other bakery. The chocolate paste is decent.



As it was their opening, amongst other things, I got to try the plain cake – it was yummm. Soft and melt in the mouth. Cakes were still be come onto the shelves as well as more of their goodies. They said by afternoon they would be completely stocked up.

I yet have to try so many of their items. I will definitely go back for many more treats. It’s a great place to eat non-eggy sweets and savouries. At reasonable cost.


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