Spinach n Paneer rolls and Spinach n Cheese rolls

From the past 2 months I am totally into rolls. Rolls are also known as pattice, patty, tikki or croquettes, depending on the geographic location you are situated at or the shape you give the mixture. Usually if its round, then its pattice, patty or tikki. If its cigar-shaped, then its called a roll or croquette.

Its amazing what one can do when making a patty – anything goes. The beauty is that mix together any 2-3 ingredients and fry them, the pattice always turn out great.

I have been experimenting with potatoes, paneer and cheese mainly. My cook deserves a mention here as he taught me many a great recipes. Here’s the first one he made for me. The brief I gave him was that I wanted a snack that I could just about shallow-fry, anytime hunger struck. I gave him a bunch of spinach leaves and paneer (cottage cheese) as his basic ingredients. He worked his magic and made me this –

Spinach n Paneer croquettes

Spinach n Paneer croquettes

Lightly flavoured spinach with stuffed paneer. Yummm…. My family and I really enjoyed this snack. It was so well seasoned that I would expect this dish to be served to me at a 5-starred restaurant! Kudos to my cook. I made this again within a week.

Since I enjoyed it so much, he suggested I try these rolls stuffed with cheese instead of paneer. So some days later, we made the same spinach rolls but stuffed it with cheese.

Ah…soft spinach with a small burst of spiced, liquid cheese in every bite. Life is beautiful – I thought at that moment.

Spinach n Cheese Croquettes

Spinach n Cheese Croquettes


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