Diwali food at HOME – Dal Pakwan, Chana Bhatura and Besan Laddoos

Ah. Diwali and the New Year celebrations are just over but the hangover remains – with lots of mithais, dry fruits and gifts yet to consume! Had a great Diwali. Decorated the house with rangoli, toran and diyas.

For breakfast, we had a Sindhi dish called Dal Pakwan. It is well spiced chana dal served with deep fried maida crispy puris. Its absolutely delicious and sinful at the same time.

dal pakwan

dal pakwan

Lunch was Punjabi meal of Chana Bhatura, served with thickly sliced onions and green chilies – an outright deadly combination – we love it!

Chana bhatura

Chana bhatura

Well, we were unconditionally full, but a day like Diwali cannot be let go without something sweet. So, I made and served besan laddoos.

besan ka laddoos

besan ka laddoos

After such a lunch, we could do nothing more than nap away for an hour. The first half of the meals were so filling that the pani-puri I made for the evening snack had to be eaten the next day. We stuck to a light dinner as the following day was our New Year and we were going visiting to friends and family’s’ houses to wish all a good year ahead.

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