home chef

Was passing by Dadar and decided to do a pick up dinner. 

Restaurant front

Restaurant front

They have a pretty exhaustive menu for a restaurant their size. 

inside home chef

inside home chef

I felt like having pasta for dinner. The person across the counter suggested A la tikka pasta since I wanted something spicy. I agreed – A la tikka – what could that taste like?, I wondered. Hubby ordered a Non-veg club sandwich. Our parcel was ready in 20 mins. and we went home.

Dinner time – The A la tikka pasta was accompanied by 2 herbed breads. What can I say to the taste but – interesting, very interesting. Its a very interesting fusion of an international dish with an absolute Indian flavour. And spicy it was – just the right amount. The pasta has a good amount of paneer and cheese. The herbed breads were good, but they were ‘herbed’ a bit too strongly. Would have been a perfect accompaniment to the pasta if the herbs were sprinkled in lesser quantity. Its a heavy and wholesome meal. At Rs. 225, its absolutely VFM. Would I order it again – yes but would ideally like to try their other dishes first.

A la tikka pasta

A la tikka pasta

The Non-veg club sandwich. Price Rs. 200.

Non veg club sandwich

Non veg club sandwich

Hubby’s instant reaction on opening the box – its not grilled! Well, we assumed they would grill it or would have asked otherwise what we wanted. So, that was a disappointment. As the wafers are just dunked into the side of the box, which is not air-tight, they were completely wilted and soggy : (

Plus point to this sandwich was the size – the portion size was good. Look below for a picture of a single half of the sandwich.

Non veg club sandwich - 1 piece

Non veg club sandwich – 1 piece

The taste of the club sandwich was very average. Grilled would have tasted better (even their menu says so). The coleslaw was decent. 

I will definitely try this place out for other options.


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