Pizza Planet Sizzler

I am falling in love with this place!

restaurant front

restaurant front

Last weekend I went there in the evening for a quick bite. Its located at Woodhouse Road, Colaba. Pizza Planet Sizzler is actually a home-delivery concept restaurant, but accommodates walk-ins (like me). They have just 2 tables with 4 chairs each. I enjoyed sitting there, eating hot food with a chilled Coke and watching it rain outside.

I ordered my favourite snack – Chili Cheese Toast, a Coke and my hubby ordered an 8″ Chicken Barbecue Pizza.

The food arrived in 10 minutes. The food – piping hot and the drink – chilled – PERFECT!

The Chili Cheese toast was excellent. It just had a tad too much of coriander but the flavour was robust – delectable cheese-burst in the mouth with just the right amount of hot chilies. I added a few drops of Tabasco to give it an additional zing -yum….. This gets an 8 on 10 rating.

Priced at Rs. 16o. It would be nice to share these 8 pieces if having it for a quick bite or then its just right for a wholesome snack.

Chili Cheese Toast

Chili Cheese Toast

The Chicken Barbecue Pizza was fantastic as well.

Chicken Barbeque Pizza

Chicken Barbeque Pizza

Perfectly made, priced at Rs. 260, its an absolute delight. It gets an 8 on 10 as well. Its got a good amount of chunky chicken especially when you compare the size and number of pieces you would get from another pizza place, say a Domino’s.

Tonight for dinner, I ordered home a Vegetable Shashlik Sizzler. Its a sizzler with a veg patty, spinach, veggies, potato wedges and noodles in pepper sauce. I was told the delivery time would be 30-40 minutes and voila – my doorbell rang in 30 mins. Piping hot sizzler delivered to my doorstep avec sizzling plate as well. (they said they would collect the sizzler plate the next day). The top of the plate came enclosed in foil, so you can really imagine the food was really very very hot. We actually had to wait a couple of minutes before diving in, to eat!

Veg Shashlik sizzler

Veg Shashlik sizzler

I give this a 9 on 10 rating. Only a very hearty eater can finish this on his own, else it does require a bit of help to finish-up the plate. Just the thing to eat on a rainy night at home. Its priced at Rs. 475 – reasonable but would have preferred it if it was priced slightly lower. But I still will order this when I feel like a pepper sauce sizzler.

I would highly recommend this place for ordering a great meal at home. ANYTIME.

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