Orange Cheesecake

Orange cheesecake

Orange cheesecake

I made this at home on Saturday. 24 hours later – its all finished. 12 slices shared with 12 persons.

I tried this flavour on a whim. With no recipe to follow, not knowing the amount of orange to use or sugar to add, it was an absolute scary time for me. I had to constantly keep adding teaspoon after teaspoon of orange or sugar, almost alternately. There was a point of time, when I was about to dunk the whole mix into the bin!  I don’t know what kept me from chucking it and made me continue my tasting and add ingredients technique. Well – it finally came together and after refrigeration for 4 hours, above is the result you see.

It was sheer pleasure in seeing the cheesecake quartering easily. Phew!

Orange cheesecake - quartered

Orange cheesecake – quartered

The cheesecake tasted nice. Mission accomplished.

Only problem is that when I have to make it again, I will have to do the same taste-and-add ingredient technique as I was not counting the spoonfuls of orange or sugar I was adding at the time – EEE…..

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