Leo’s Boulangerie – an evening of averages

Went to Leo’s recently in the evening with hubby for a quick bite. 

Ordered the Chicken quiche, Veg. croissant and a cappuccino.

Chicken quiche

Chicken quiche

Looked really good but was very average on taste. Priced at Rs. 55. Will not order it again.

Veg Croissant

Veg Croissant

The croissant has a spinach and cottage cheese stuffing. Nice. Priced at Rs. 50.

Veg croissant cut open

Veg croissant cut open

The cappuccino-



Its a tall mug of coffee but not very high on taste. Passable at Rs. 70.

Below is the pic of the Chutney n cheese sandwich I really like. Priced at Rs. 70.

Chutney  n cheese sandwich

Chutney n cheese sandwich




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