Pizza Hut


menu cover


I had vouchers for this place. Decided to use it tonight. Went there with hubby for an early dinner. 

The menu looked amazing. I wanted to try out so many dishes, as the pictures of their food were just too tempting. I decided that, with so much to want to eat, I would have to come back here a couple of more times.

However, once the food started coming, my liking for the place started diminishing.

As a starter we ordered the Spicy Supreme garlic bread. 4 pieces of bread, topped with cheese, onions and green chilies. What we saw in the picture is very different to what we were served. The cheese amount was just passable. The onions and green chilies were so badly cut – the sizes of each piece differed for the other. The taste – NOT HAPPENING.

Spicy Supreme Garlic bread

Spicy Supreme Garlic bread

I make better cheese toast at home!

Next as a main course, I ordered a So Cheezy Classic Cheese pizza and my hubby a So Cheezy Super Chicken Twist – each sized a personal pan.

For the Super Chicken Twist, hubby dear played with himself ‘spot the chicken pieces if you can’. Finally I think he counted 5 pea-sized pieces of chicken! He did not enjoy the pizza which was priced at Rs. 299. 

Super Chicken Twist - personal pan

Super Chicken Twist – personal pan

Classic Cheese - personal pan

Classic Cheese – personal pan

At Rs. 179, luckily one cannot really go very wrong with a cheese pizza – I was saved. Decent but nothing great. I would have preferred a Domino’s Cheese Burst pizza anyday to this. 

After not-a-good-meal, my hubby decided not to venture into ordering anything more for himself. I decided to continue the meal by ending it with a Banoffee pie (the picture of it is so inviting in the menu). Price Rs. 125.

Banoffee pie

Banoffee pie

Looks quite good but tastes just about ok. It would be a very good attempt if it was made by a home-cook. But to expect this from a leading restaurant chain? Unacceptable.

Overall not a good experience. And they charge a 10% service charge    😦

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