Lemon Cheesecake – homemade

lemon cheesecake

lemon cheesecake

Made the lemon cheesecake last evening. (see earlier post – titled CRUMBilicious). Sliced it —–

slice of lemon cheesecake

slice of lemon cheesecake

Verdict – all enjoyed. My hubby (who has become a recent fan of lemon cheesecakes and thus for whom I learnt to make this) loved it! Shared a chunk with my neighbours – they too relished it. Mission accomplished – my homemade lemon cheesecake is better than the one I bought yesterday. It feels good to know that one’s homemade dish is at par or better than whats available outside – give me a great feeling of happiness to see my loved ones enjoying my cooking. Thanks to this cheesecake goes to aunt.


2 thoughts on “Lemon Cheesecake – homemade

  1. Reena the lemon cheese cake was just amazing. We are lucky to be ur neighbours so that we get to taste all the great stuff u dish out. U r a dessert queen.

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