Leo’s Boulangerie


This bakery turned a year old in January 2014. Its located at Colaba, between the market and postoffice, on the main road. I have passed-by this route numerous times, seen this bakery but somehow never got my foot in.

Finally, went there last evening. Wanting a light eat for dinner, picked up a vegetarian fare of pizza and puff.

veg pizza n puff

veg pizza n puff

The pizza at Rs. 4o is a 4 1/2″ pizza with a good amount of filling and cheese (the american corn pieces are a tad too many). Its got a good flavour and makes a very good mini meal with the puff. The puff at Rs 20 is a spinach and paneer stuffed savory. The puff is light and its almost a melt-in-the-mouth mini feast. I really enjoyed this light dinner, which I had with homemade coffee. I am gonna go to this place more often – I mean it! Its good, fresh and tasty.

The bakery is well designed and has an extensive menu. It boasts of cakes, pastries, breads, cookies, brownies, sandwiches and savories such as quiche, rolls, croissants. Next, I am keen on trying are their breads and quiche.

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