logoThis is a 3 month old cake/pasrty – dessert store that has opened its shop at Colaba, close to the Colaba Postoffice. Selling cupcakes, cheesecakes, tarts and such.

The owner was in, while I was there. I tasted the mini chocolate cupcake (Rs. 25) – Its got good taste but I think its a bit too expensive for the size. Its a one-bite or actually its a put-the-whole-thing in your mouth sized cupcake. I then sampled the caramel sauce – its absolutely divine. Selling at Rs. 200 a jar (20ogms) its awesome.

As per the leaflet, cheesecakes are Rs. 70 a piece, but when I bought the baked lemon cheesecake, I paid Rs. 100 for it. (when I asked why-I was told it was a new addition to the menu and is more expensive). Was it worth it? NO. It was even below average. A big disappointment.

lemon baked cheesecake

lemon baked cheesecake

Aunt tasted it and she said, her’s homemade it even better! We plan to make it soon.

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