Old Custom House canteen

old Custom House

old Custom House

I’ve eaten here a couple of times earlier. My hunt for misal pavs in South Mumbai got me here.

Recently, I visited this canteen again. I had to have the misal pav.

misal pav

misal pav

Its a good serving of misal with 2 soft pavs. Its spiced and flavoured well, but at the same time its not spicy. At Rs. 24 a plate, I give this a 5 on 5. Easily.

They also serve batata misal, which is batata wada in the misal gravy! Its quite nice tasting – actually, though their batata wadas aren’t the best of those I’ve eaten.

batata wada

batata wada

The Batata wada plate of 2 at Rs. 16 is passable. Its flat-ish in appearance and has lesser filling of the potato mix and a thick besan coating.

onion n methi pakodas

onion n methi pakodas

Excellent. Priced at Rs. 17 a plate. Crunchy and flavorsome, the pakodas are well balanced with onion and methi  . The accompanying chutney too is first-rate. Eat all this with their cutting tea at Rs. 6.

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