logoI know many people who just love Theobroma – I’m not one of them. I’m very selective of what I like there. Their Chocoholic cake / pastry is fantastic. I always go for that as in the past I have not really enjoyed their other desserts or savories. However, over the weekend I was surprised by hubby bringing me 2 pastries from there – they are the new additions to desserts counter – the Red Velvet cake and the Baked cheese dessert.

two pasteriesWhich to have first??

Baked cheese dessert

Baked cheese dessert

Tried the Baked cheese dessert – ummmm…..heaven..just melt in the mouth. Loved it. Price – Rs 120. Its a heavy pastry but I had to eat the other one too – so here goes….

Red velvet cake

Red velvet cake

Another piece of heaven in my mouth……it’s got a hint of raspberry and the custard-y icing is gooey and slurp-y. Price – Rs. 90.

I must say that my opinion of Theobrama has changed on eating these two pastries. I shall now definitely be open to going there more often.




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