‘B’ Road Pani-puri and Bhelwala


After serving for 35 years and more, 10 years ago, they were made to stop selling their food on the street. ‘B’ Road at Churchgate, just opposite Intercontinental hotel (then Natraj hotel), at the pavement turning, the pani-puri wala used to set his shop every evening. A building away, the bhelwala would make the yummiest of fares. They were very well know across town. My aunts from 25 kms away, when visiting us would insist on being served only their foods.

2 months ago, the pani-puri wala returned to his usual place.

'B' Road pani-puri wala

‘B’ Road pani-puri wala

He sets shop at 4:00 p.m and ends his day at about 9:00 p.m. – that’s approximately the time by when his foods start getting over! All the dishes are amazing. If you want to try all his dishes, then go for an early dinner there. Start with a pani-puri. Eat a ragda-pattice or a dahi-batata puri and end with a churmur (a bhel made with his food paraphernalia). All dishes priced at Rs. 30 each.

The bhelwala, for the last 10 years would go building to building, selling his stuff. All one  had to do was give him a call and he would come home with his trappings and make whatever you want freshly at the door. Now he is back at the street too. 10 paces from the pani-puri wala, the bhelwala set his stand a month ago. He starts serving from 6:00 p.m. onwards everyday.

B Road bhelwala

B Road bhelwala

Ask for a bhel, sookha or otherwise or a sev puri and relish. Priced at Rs. 20 a plate, each bite is a pleasure.

bhel n sev puri collage

bhel n sev puri collage

Loving chatpata stuff, I grew up on these 2 street foodwalas. The sons have taken over from their fathers.

ENJOY folks as they are back!

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