Janta Santosh Bhuvan

Eatery front

Eatery front

This small-ish eatery has been in the heart of Colaba market for years. But it is only recently that my yearning for misal pav, got it my attention. Actually, rather my husband’s attention.

Recently, I was so wanting to have misal pav and did not know any place close-by (around Colaba market) to eat from. My sweet hubby, came down to the market and approached this eatery. THEY SERVED MISAL PAV! And its good. I’ve now eaten here misal pav numerous times, and packed it for home as well on umpteen occasions.

misal pav

misal pav 

Janta Santosh Bhuvan is located right in the center of Colaba market. It is at the corner of one of the lanes leading into the market center.

Its also known for its farsans. I have picked a few of them on occasions and they are very tasty. Mithais (sweetmeats) too are good. I would recommend this eatery be checked out by all who want a good snack. Another plus for it – its their tea. Its hot and refreshing at Rs. 10. I love the tea there. Sometimes I just go to the market on a pretext of running an errand, to have their tea. Only snack of theirs I have tasted and not liked are the bhajias.

Farsan n mithai counter

Farsan n mithai counter

Many of make boondi – raita at home. I endorse the boondi from this shop. Extremely crisp and fresh. Another must have – potato wafers. By far, they pack one of the best wafers in town. I have served it to many guests and all have asked me from where the wafers are, as they are excellent. Till a month back they retailed the wafers at Rs. 200 at kg, today it sells at Rs. 300 a kg.



I appreciate this shop for the snacks.  Its owner is a wonderful gentleman who mans the cash counter.

2 thoughts on “Janta Santosh Bhuvan

    • Misal is a Maharashtrian dish served across the state. Its originally meant to be matki sprouts (now all restaurants use a mix of sprouts) in a medium to hot spiced gravy. This served with Pav – a locally available bread, is called Usal Pav. Top this sprouted gravy dish with farsan and it is named Misal Pav.

      Farsan are of numerous kinds. They are basically salted savories with a crunchy texture that are eaten as a snack in India.

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