restaurant front

restaurant front

Sufra – Pure Middle Eastern Takeaway.

This is the latest initiative from Moshes. It is situated at Colaba Causeway, Mumbai (earlier it housed the famous Aga Brothers where everyone went for the famed Tibbs frankie). Sufra started operations on the 04th of November.

It houses the most well-known of Middle Eastern fares and at the same time introduces to us the larger variety of the cuisine we have not been exposed to. Its mainly set-up as a takeaway joint, having only 6 round tables with 2 chairs each, cramped together. Part of the kitchen is visible so you can see your order take form.

The menu is quite exhaustive, from Chicken Shwarma, Lamb Kebabs that can be had either in pita bread or as a wrap to the Traditional Falafel of dumplings, salad, pickles and tahini sauce in pita bread. They have Kabsa – a Yeminte chicken pulao, an Arabic spiced Roast Chicken and Moujadara – that is chicken with lentil and brown onion pulao and a vegetarian option for the same in their main course section.

Their specials include Kibbeh – kebabs of chicken, burghul and mint ; vegetarian and chicken Msakhan – marinated veggies or chicken in crisp filo pastry and a couple of more options.

Sufra also has salads, breads and dips to choose from. Hummus is available with pita. Combine with chicken, falafel, soujook, etc. 

Pide are Arabic flatbread pizzas. Last evening, I dropped in to pick up my dinner. I was oscillating between a Spinach pide and the Traditional Falafel – the falafel won. 

The Traditional Falafel was excellent. I’d give it a 5 on 5. At Rs 150, it is well priced. It is a 6″ perfectly-stuffed falafel. Totally satiating. 

Traditional falafel

Traditional falafel

Desserts, sweets, beverages and smoothies are also available at Sufra’s.

sweets n desserts counter

sweets n desserts counter

Sufra’s is still getting its act together. Last evening, there were people queuing up and service was slow. However, the servers were methodical and courteous. Also, many items on the menu were still not available. Home delivery is to start within a week. 

I will definitely go back for the Traditional Falafel as well as try the other options on the menu. 

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