Shan – Chicken Masala

Shan - Chicken Masala pack

Shan – Chicken Masala pack

I used this pack to make dinner for hubby last night. As usual, the taste was perfect.

Shan - Chicken Masala

Shan – Chicken Masala

I have used a few more products from Shan’s collection and they turn out faultless every time. Just follow the recipe mentioned on the pack behind and you can’t go wrong.

I recommend this brand of ready-to-cook masalas for all, especially those living alone or for those vegetarian persons who cook non-vegetarian dishes for their non-vegetarian partners / family members. Its hassle-free and easy to cook.

Brand: Shan – Chicken Masala

Net wt: 50 g

Price: Rs 60

Validity: 3 years

Rating: 5 on 5

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