Idli Sambar

I made a South Indian dish – Idli sambar for dinner last night.

Idli is fermented ground rice and lentil, which is steamed and served with sambar and chutney. On steaming each idli puffs-up and is quite delicate. Its a lovely light eat. Infact, it is served as a breakfast item on many menus.

Idli sambar

Idli sambar

However, last night, I cheated. I just bought the idli batter from the market, and steamed it. But the sambar was home-made. Its an MTR branded powder (see next post) and I definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to make sambar  – tasty and with no effort. The small side dish is the malgapoodi chutney (also spelled malagapodi). Add warm ghee to it and serve with idli or dosa. (see following posts for the brand I used)

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