Medfouna – Berber pizza

Again – A pizza!

No seriously, its not a pizza as we know it. Medfouna is a Moroccan baked flat bread with a flavorsome stuffing. Its a filling mainly of herbs and spices and meat. Its actually a calzone.

Medfouna literally means ‘buried’. In the ancient times, the burning coals would be doused in the sand. The bread would be lowered into this hot sand and covered till the bread cooked in the heat.

I had downloaded this recipe way back in 2011, but baked it only 2 days ago. I loved it. My neighbour loved it. I made the vegetarian version, so hubby said ‘liked’.

just out of the oven Medfouna

just out of the oven Medfouna

Cut open into two and it looked like this –

Medfouna cut open

Medfouna cut open

The filling I made was primarily from onions, capsicum and olives.

Medfouna stuffing

Medfouna stuffing

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