Prem Sandwich

But I actually am recommending this place for tea or lets say chai. Its the best cutting-chai I have had from any street vendor. Prem Sandwich Stall is located at Colaba.  Just outside the main entrance to Shakhari Bhandar, opposite Regal cinema. Ig you get a chance to see him make the tea from scratch, its a treat – he adds so many masalas and brews it to perfection. Its the archetypal chai we all like.

Chai at Prem Sandwich Stall

Chai at Prem Sandwich Stall

At RS. 6 for a cutting chai in the typical small glass – glass. If you are concerned about hygiene, ask for the tea in a plastic glass but the fun, feel and taste is in having from their glass glasses . This cutting chai gets a 5 on 5.

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