Shop front

Shop front

Its one of the more famous Parsi eateries / bakeries of South Mumbai.

Just came home from having breakfast there. I’ve eaten their Veg Puff, Chicken Puff. Mutton Puff and Bread Pudding in the past. However, recently I have been reading a lot about their Bun Maska (maska means butter). Knew I had to have a go at it. So, told hubby, today was the day we would go to Sassanian for breakfast.

Got a table and we ordered Masala Omelette, Bun maska, Kheema, Brun maska and tea.

The breakfast

The breakfast


kheema n brun maska

kheema n brun maska

I ordered a double masala omelette (Rs. 45) it was definitely more wholesome than other eateries. However, it had a very distinct flavour from the usual taste. I first bite I had, was delectable. However, then I ate the following bites and I got the burnt flavour. If you see the picture above, the center portion is overdone. Totally spoilt the flavour of the meal. I give this a 3 on 5 and I am open to trying it again.

The Bun maska at Rs 10, was a sweet bun with butter smeared when cut horizontally. I say smear and not smothered as I found the butter serving less and only concentrated in the center. However, flavour-wise I would recommend it as the bun was soft, sweet and melt in the mouth. Its a 4 on 5

Similarly, the Brun maska, was good too. Brun is a bun with a crusty covering. It is also priced at Rs 10. It gets a 4 on 5

Finally the Kheema – enough portion for one, for breakfast at Rs. 50. Average, so it gets a 3 on 5.

The tea is sweet and reminds me of the cup we get at the railway stations. Dip the Bun maska and eat – tastes really really good.

Overall experience gets this a 3 on 5

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