This place is so talked about. Its at Andheri, on the main road – S V Road, right outside Andheri (W) railway station. I have only been there once earlier, years ago. I don’t remember being much impressed by the place. However, I had a meeting near Andheri and hence planned to really try out Merwans, this time in all earnest.

Every few months, call it as a home dinner experience or just to break the routine, I do a wine / alcohol dinner with lots of finger food. So, this time I decided food from MERWANS. Crossed my fingers and selected an array of foods to have with the Sula wine at home. Fingers crossed, as, if it did not turn out to be good food, I had no fall back option at home but to do an order-in.

As expected, there was a crowd inside the shop. However, it was really nice to see all – the customers as well as the staff were well behaved. There was no jostling, pushing and screaming. Surprisingly, I got to the savories counter in 2 mins. Parceled Veg Pizza, veg Manchurian Pattice, Chicken and Garlic Pattice, Chicken roll (I got the last one. whew!), Dessert included Exotic Blueberry, White Forest and Butterscotch pastries and a Chocolate Roll.

Dinner time – poured the Sula into wine glasses, served with Haldiram’s Salted Peanuts and Diamond Potato Wafers. (details in following posts)

Out came the pattice, pizza and roll – all microwaved for 30 seconds.

Veg manchurian pattice

Veg manchurian pattice




This is about 3.5″ long. Looks extremely tempting.







Veg manchurian pattice - filling

Veg manchurian pattice – filling



I’m not much of a Chinese cuisine enthusiast, but this did taste good, though the filling was a tad less. But for Rs. 10 it was worth it.

I give it a 3 on 5






Chiken n garlic pattice

Chicken n garlic pattice


This to was about 3.5″ long. Again this too looked enticing and bought 2 pieces, an extra one for my neighbour.






chicken n garlic pattice - filling

chicken n garlic pattice – filling


Decent tasting. Average rating. The chicken filling a bit less. And again – just Rs. 10

Rating 2 on 5






Veg pizza

Veg pizza


This seems to be a hit at the shop. Many, many people were ordering it. Must say for a 5″ pizza, at Rs. 15 each, it was full of flavour. It was a typical local grocery/bakery made pizza flavour. Having no expectations, I enjoyed it.

I rate it a 4 on 5. I’m always partial to pizzas         : )





Chicken roll

Chicken roll


Chicken roll was at RS 15. Ok in taste

Rating a 2.5 on 5






Exotic blueberry pastry

Exotic blueberry pastry

















Doesn’t this look absolutely inviting? I took a big scoop. Just melted in my mouth. They have got the flavour bang on! However, it has less cake and more of the cream. Kudos on getting the flavour just right.

Rs. 45

For this I give it a 3 on 5







White forest

White forest



It’s a cream-based cake with an orange flavour. As with all there pastries, it seems, they have less cake and more cream. Strictly an average pastry.

Rs. 45

Rating is 2 on 5










This is a good one. Don’t is look it?

Rs. 45

Rating 3 on 5





Chocolate roll

Chocolate roll



Looks very appealing but taste-wise it is ordinary.

At Rs. 20 I give it a 2.5 on 5

Topped this with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream and a ladle-full of hot chocolate sauce, it transforms to a 4 on 5





This ended our dinner, satiated and ready to sleep.



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