Stir Fry Salad

bowl of stir fry salad

bowl of stir fry salad

I love this salad! 

So does anyone I have served it to, as well as all those who have taken the recipe from me. Its become everyone’s favourite salad.  If my hubby relishes this, then – TRUST ME – all will. My hubby is not one for veggies or / then hence salads, especially if it has no mayonnaise.  It takes just about a few minutes to slice all the veggies and another few minutes to cook them. Serve immediately and enjoy the flavour. 

Its a Tarla Dalal recipe. So, thank you Tarla Dalal for this. Love it every time I eat it. 

See the following pic. Its so easy to make and because of the various veggies, its a riot of colours. No presentation required as its vibrant and colourful by itself.

riot of colours

riot of colours

The beauty of this recipe is that most of the ingredients are invariably at home. The fun is that every time you can add or delete any ingredient and you still get a mouthful of flavour.

Last night I added shredded ham.

with shredded ham

with shredded ham

Request for recipe

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