Pizza !

9 inch margarita pizza

I always buy the pizza bread from the shop and make the pizza tomato-base at home. Top this with various toppings and cheese – bake – and BINGO pizza is ready to eat.

However, this one time I decide to make pizza for dinner, from the scratch – dough n all. So, there started my search online for dough recipes. Lucky for me, all of them had the same ingredients and almost the same steps to follow. However, many differed on the ratio of water to yeast and this activated-yeast water to maida ratio.

So, I decided to follow Sanjeev Kapoor’s recipe, started with measuring all his ingredients and was all set for step 1 – activating the yeast. Suddenly I realised, that his recipe did not say how much water! What to do? Went online but suddenly all the recipes had different ratios. Got totally confused and irritated. Took the plunge – made 2 cups of lukewarm water, added yeast to it, but then used only 1 and a half when adding the maida.

The dough process was about a 7 hour long process but was fun – in hindsight as it turned out good. Else, I would have said the process was tedious.

Started the plating up process. Handmade the dough – 9″ pizza

My 9 inch handmade pizza dough

My 9 inch handmade pizza dough

Added the tomato-base, sun-dried tomatoes and cheese. Baked. The result was really good

9" pizza with sun-dried tomatoes

9″ pizza with sun-dried tomatoes

Sorry, but had to taste it. It took me 7-8 hours to get this result. Satisfied. The next pizza was a non – veg pizza with chili chorizo. No pics for it as it was gone as soon as it was out of the oven and before I could get to my camera!

So, the next pizza was a margarita.

9 inch margarita pizza

9 inch margarita pizza ready to be eaten

And finally a 5″ pizza with olives stuffed with red pepper


All pizza turned out good. Successful day. Happy day. Fun day and by the end of dinner – tiring day.

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